The stereotypical office environment was once so common that films were even made about the effect that it had on people – and it wasn’t a good one!  Identical cubicles filled with people doing the same repetitive jobs was more than just the stuff of comedy movies.  It was a common sight in offices around the country!  Of course, today there’s a lot more thought goes into creating a good work environment but one way that people don’t always consider is with signage.

Welcoming Environments Matter

Creating the right office environment matters for a number of reasons and can have some huge benefits.  The primary one is that it can help with employee health.  With a good arrangement in the office that allows the flow of natural light and a clean airflow, people feel better, healthier and therefore more content while at work.  A comfortable working temperature plays a part in this too.

By spending the time to create a more welcoming environment for staff, studies have shown that company morale is boosted, and employees are more productive.  Staff often spend 30-40 hours a week in the office so a place that makes them feel happy and comfortable boosts their mood and helps them perform at their best.

How to use Office Signage

Office signage is one of the most subtle ways to create a healthy and happy environment.  Paired with measures like a good office layout, natural light and even plants, signage can help to create that ideal space that inspires productivity and encourages workplace contentment.

Bright and Energetic Welcome

An entrance wall featuring bright colours, the company logo or slogan and energising graphics is an ideal way to welcome people to the building.  It welcomes employees but also creates a smart and impressive entrance for any visitors to the business. It is also one of the first opportunities that a customer connects with your brand, so it is important to get this right.

Inspiring Wall Quotes

Inspirational quotes really work and transformed into graphics for walls, they can help to boost staff morale or remind them of something that helps keep them motivated or inspired.  You can also do the same with things like a mission statement to help everyone aspire towards the company’s aims and beliefs. The benefit of staff being reminded throughout the day of your key message is both re-assuring and motivational. They know what the company stands for, and what is expected of them.

Community Areas

Signs are ideal to help define community areas, spaces where employees can collaborate and interact casually.  There are lots of ways signage can be used and also interactive displays, whiteboards or other areas that allow them to bring their ideas to life.

Floor Signage

There are many substrates available in which you can offer practical and impactful messages literally at your feet; It can be practical, or it can be a bit fun, things that make staff smile as they move around the office.  Blank tiles are an ideal backdrop for this kind of sign, and a good use of “dead” space.

Sign of a Better Workplace

Signs can be practical, fun or a mixture of both.  They can tell people where emergency exits are and inspire them to be their best self. Keeping offices branded with great signage that reflects the values of the company is a great way to make customers and staff feel more connected to the work they do and so can increase positivity and efficiency. No more dull, grey offices here!

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