Entrance Halls give you a wonderful opportunity to impress!

When we talk about ‘making an entrance’ here at Technical Signs, we are thinking of making the right impression with your entrance and reception area. It needs to be a welcoming place and fitting for your company image, with old and new customers alike.

Wow arrivals with a level of sophistication; a display of wonder or make them intrigued to want to discover more. People will spend time here, waiting for their appointment, resting ahead of an important meeting, gathering thoughts or relaxing with friends ahead of a formal or casual dining experience. It can say a lot about your company and it is another shop window too!

Let them soak up the standards you wish to portray as your company benchmark and apply your design ethos right from their very first contact with you, to a scheme that flows through the building.

Over the years, the Technical Signs team has worked with many leading architects, interior designers and shopfitters to deliver a diverse range of attractive and innovative constructions; counter displays for foyers and reception areas – many with matching branding or dynamic highlights; behind either traditional style desks or custom-built counters – right up to bespoke lightbox fabrications that form a physical structure or display area to catch attention and to showcase products.

Customers have ranged from world renowned industrial conglomerates, Banking Corporations, Finance Houses, large PR agencies, Social Media and Tech companies, Estate Agents, Health Spas and Hospitals – to the more regular everyday needs of Dentists, Doctors, Opticians, Beauticians and of course, focal points in many well-known restaurant and hotel chains.

Whatever you or your designer can imagine, we will think of a solution and a practical way to deliver that vision. Contact the Technical Signs team today to discuss your wildest dreams!

We promise to listen.  

Don’t just stop at the reception desk!

We can help you create wonderful themed highlights to any room with a selection of bespoke lighting effects that can add bold statements or be a subtle complement to any décor.

Make sure your visitors remember you as ‘first impressions always count’!

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