High street shops and showrooms not only have strong competition from one another but from the internet as well. Being more imaginative about how you lay out your store is vital if you want to continue to attract customers through the door.

One area that many businesses forget to pay enough attention to is signage. Getting this particular design aspect of your showroom right will pay huge dividends, driving more customers to buy, at the same time improving that all important bottom line.

Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s increasingly difficult to distinguish many brands apart from one another. If you’re walking down the street and checking your mobile phone every two minutes, you may not notice that great showroom you are passing and all the special offers it has. We’re often distracted or simply not looking.

Businesses need to be bold and well-branded on today’s modern high street. They need to have a welcoming front of store display and clear signage that immediately creates an impact. It’s not just outside where managers and bosses must tick all the right boxes. As soon as someone peers through your showroom window, you want them to feel an attraction that pulls them in through the door.

Directional Signage

There is a range of different signage that you can use for your business. While the big, impressive front of house display is probably going to be your first focus, you shouldn’t forget directional signs as well. Especially if you have a large showroom, making it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for once they are inside is imperative.

Take a look at supermarkets that have signage indicating what each aisle contains. This isn’t hidden away but high up in the building so that consumers can see them from a distance. It’s also branded.

You can add your own branding to directional signage which means that customers should make a stronger connection with your business. Ensure that important areas such as sales points are easily identified so that customers don’t get frustrated. If you have sales areas where special offers are on show, also link these to your brand. Make them obvious and attractive to create interest.

Indoor directional signage can add dynamism to your showroom and even attract consumers to new areas and products that they weren’t even thinking of buying when they stepped inside.

Colour and Psychology

You might be surprised to learn that we have different reactions to different colours. We tend to associate them with personal emotions. For example, blue is thought to calming and serene. In the retail world, red is often used for sales items. Why? Because it gets our hearts beating a little faster and grabs the attention. Not only that, white lettering on red signs can be seen from a distance more clearly.

Too often showroom owners throw up their signage without understanding the psychological impact it is likely to have. Don’t just concentrate on the colour, however, but the placement as well.

Working with a signage company, like Technical Signs, to improve how all your signs appear and understanding how they influence buyer behaviour will make a significant difference to footfall and sales for your showroom, improving your bottom line.

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