Creating A Personality For Your Workspace

Branding has moved beyond just creating a nice logo to go on company letterheads and the top of the website.  It is about creating a personality for the company and workspace, an aesthetic that can be used in many different ways and is to attract both customers and employees. To help attract the right people, retain customers and even keep up staff morale, implement clear branding within the working environment.

But how does this translate to the workplace?  In the past perhaps there would not be much thought about it – a nice nameplate on the desk, maybe a few branded desk elements?  Today, branding a workspace is integral to keeping a workforce engaged and involved with the brand they work for and there are many ways this can be done.

The Reception Area

The reception area of a business is one that makes a big first impression on customers and that’s why it is important to have a wow factor to it.  You want to make it something that tells people what the company is about or what it stands for. Did you know that there are endless ways to do this? From something bold to something subtle, and everything in-between!

Custom artwork is a great way to make an unforgettable first impression. Other options can be to do with the innovative way the reception area is laid out.  Signage is important to incorporate into the area. This helps people instantly know they are in the right place.

What To Include Throughout The Workspace?

Of course, the reception is definitely the place you want to consider when using your branding in the workplace. That being said, there are SO many other ways to use branding to help carry that personality.

Colours And Finishes

The brand colours can be used in lots of ways around the building. Sure, you don’t want everything to be in the brand colours. But, it is ideal to use for elements such as feature walls, furniture or office elements.  A pop of colour or tinted finishes can be a simple and effective way to bring the brand into the workspace.

Furniture Style

Colour isn’t the only way that furniture can match in with branding – the style of it can too!  If you have a very modern, minimalist brand then don’t go for ornate, period furniture.  Choose furniture that works for what you need but is also in a style that fits with the brand. Head over to our Office Workspace Pinterest Board for more branding and interior inspiration!

The Layout Of The Room

This one is a little more subtle but worth considering. The layout of the room can be used to emphasise some of the brand concepts – for example, living room-like areas can be important if collaboration is a massive part of what the brand is about.  If customer privacy is important to your business, use areas that are sectioned off with doors. This helps to portray that the business takes client confidentiality seriously.

Graphics And Messaging

The use of graphics (and the message around it) is the final way to bring the brand into the workplace. You don’t need to just use banners with the company name and logo on, instead be a little more subtle than that. There are lots of ways to bring in the branding while still making for a comfortable workspace. For example, product photos, finished project shots or even motivational images.

Whatever you need to create an on-brand workspace, the team at Technical Signs can design and manufacture it for you!

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