With the hospitality industry in lockdown for the foreseeable future, why not spend your time taking a look at your branding, in particular your signage, and think about how it can be refreshed ready to re-open?

When we all get back on our feet, you can bet every business will be fighting for their place in the spotlight. Get ahead of the game, and consider building brand awareness NOW. Instead of leaving it until later on in the year, or even into the next.

Signage Strategies

How do you do this? With your doors most likely shut – with the exception of food delivery services and essential stores – your exterior branding is really what matters now. Customers passing by on foot practising social distancing, those driving to the supermarket to shop for necessities, or our essential workers commuting to work will continue to see your signs. A great marketing strategy is to encourage those passing by to take a snap of your new signage and share their photos across social media.

To encourage your customers, maybe offer a discount code or voucher to use in the future for those who tag you in a photo and keep your company name circulating on the internet.


communicate with your customers through hoarding

For those of you who have shut your doors for the foreseeable future, hoarding is one of the most effective ways you can advertise your business to the world. Hoarding is a temporary fence constructed around a building site or a new store. The outer facing boards often feature advertisements.

Take advantage of these large scale marketing opportunities by placing hoarding around your closed restaurant, pub or bar. Let your customers know what they can look forward to when you re-open your doors.

For more inspiration, visit our Hoarding Design Ideas Pinterest Board.


A-boards have been a retailers’ staple sign requirement throughout the ages, a permanent display on pavements. Advertise specifically to passing traffic, be that on foot or in a vehicle with these classic signs.
Maintain your brand awareness by injecting some personality into your A-Board, whether that be through health and safety reminders, a much needed positive quote during this time of need, or an online challenge that they can take part in!
how to prepare to open up your doors

Window Vinyl

Similarly, your shop windows are a great space to advertise your online presence. It keep your audience feeling connected to you, and you connected to them. Let your customers know where they can find you online and how to stay up to date with your latest news, maybe include a hashtag or two that you follow in order to keep in touch.

Use this space to your advantage by making a statement regarding when you will be back in business. This might include “Coming Soon” or “Dates to be confirmed” signs, using specific dates as and when they become known.

The Extras

When the time comes to re-open, you should have already considered re-branding your existing space! Consider all the details that may otherwise be overlooked. Remember to pay attention to your door signs – suggesting opening hours or the times you are closed – as well as internal signage, such as “Wait to be seated” signs, wayfinding or wall decor.

Your Marketing As A Whole

While you’re at it – and while we have extra times on our hands – why not take a look at your marketing as a whole. Re-consider your brand, being thoughtful about your logo, branding, and perhaps even your tagline too.

The visuals, content and the voice you use to talk to your customers are all important elements of the business that shouldn’t be overlooked

Get In Touch

Hopefully, we have inspired you to think outside the box! The best way to take advantage of your newfound freedom is to plan ahead and get ready to re-open in the future. Remember to do something different from your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

Explore all your signage options and find the winning combination for you and your brand. Get in touch with the team at Technical Signs today!

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