Investing in signs for your business can be one of the bigger expenses you have and that’s why ensuring you have the right ones is very important.  The key to getting the right signs is finding a quality signage company to handle it for you – but how do you make that choice?

Why Quality Matters

The world is sign-making is a varied one and there are lots of different ways to make signs, materials and equipment to use and types of signs.  Finding the right kind of sign is part of the process but you also want a quality sign – otherwise, your investment will only be a short term one.

That’s why it is important to do some research on the sign company before you commit.  Start with checking out the portfolio of their work – look to see if they have created signs similar to what you are looking for.

Questions to ask

If you search for a local sign company, you will get a range of results.  The next step is to start making a shortlist of the ones who have the right experience and show their results on the website.  Once you have done this, you can approach them to ask some questions.  Here are some examples of the kind of things you might want to know.

  • How long has the company been established?

While a new company can still offer a quality service, there’s a reassurance that comes from an older company.  They have been around for a while, they have plenty of positive customers to refer to and a good portfolio to showcase their work.

  • Who are your former customers?

Companies will often include examples in the portfolio and also give information about companies they have worked with.  You can also get in touch with those companies to see what their assessment of the sign company is.  Ask about things like what the communication was like, did the work get done on time, was the quote competitive.

Also, ask if they would hire the company again – that’s the ultimate good recommendation.  If they were happy with the work the first time and found they needed more signs, then they would go back to the same company for them.  That’s a very positive signal.

  • What services do you offer?

You might know what you want in the way of a sign or be looking for some inspiration.  Working with a signage company that offer a range of services means you can get different types of signs from one company and save you time shopping around.

Are the quotes competitive?

It is always worth getting a few different quotes for the work that you want done and signage is no different.  But remember that the cheapest isn’t always best.  What you want is a company that offers a competitive quote and that also has the right answers to your other questions as well as having plenty of positive customer feedback.  That balance of factors is a great indicator of the right quality signage company to choose. Technical Signs are experts in signage and work with big name brands and local independents to design, manufacture and install quality signage to all types of businesses and organisations. Call the Technical Signs team to discuss you ideas and get the signage you will proud of.

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