One of the great things about designing your shop fascia can also be one of the downsides – there are lots of different options.  And if you are a little uncertain about how you want the shop front to look, these options can make things worse.  Luckily, when you work with a shop sign expert, you don’t have to stress, and we can help you design the perfect shop fascia.

The planning process

To start with, we will go through the different options available and give you examples.  This is the best way to help clarify what you want your shop to look like – or what you really don’t like, which helps too.  With plenty of experience behind us, we can offer lots of suggestions to help you start the planning process.

The shop fascia can also incorporate things like hanging signs or even the whole shop window.  When deciding what you want to have along the top banner of the shop, it is also worth thinking about other signage and advertising you want to use to create a harmonious look.

Practical considerations

Once you have some ideas about what you like or don’t and what kind of signage you will have, we can move on to the practical considerations of the unit itself.

Existing timber fronts

The most common situation is that there is an existing timber front fascia to the shop that we need to work with.  Normally this is something like marine treated timber, plywood or a rendered surface.  Often it will be painted ready for the new tenant to add their branding.

With this type of shop front, it is often most cost effective to paint the timber in a brand colour or a neutral shade.  Then you can let your signage really stand out.  There are lots of different options to choose from whether the shop front is pre-lit or not.

Adding a new backboard panel

If the shop front doesn’t have a timber fascia or it is in bad condition, then it may be best to add a new layer in before the signage is added.  An aluminium fascia panel is a brilliant option for this because it is strong, durable and easy to add new signage on to.  There’s also very little maintenance needed compared with timber which needs annual attention.

Signage options

Once you have the canvas on which the signage will be added, you have reached the final stage of the process – the actual sign itself.  And again, there are different options to consider.

Vinyl lettering and logos are the most common options seen and are flexible and cost effective.  There are hundreds of colours and shades available and different ways to create them to get the desired look.  Acrylic lettering come in either flat cut raised letters or 3D raised letters if you want a little more dimension to the style.  Metal letters are a third option, either flat cut or in 3D and have a classy finish but do cost more.  There is some maintenance needed with some of the materials to keep the shine.

Technical Signs are experts in designing, manufacturing and installing shop fascia’s whether you are a multi store brand or an individual boutique. We can create the look you want to ensure your frontage stands out from the rest.

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