A big shopping season is upcoming and that can only mean one thing; Christmas is fast approaching.  Leading sectors in home, garden, travel, books, clothing and music to name a few are expecting an increase in sales.  With competition so high standout signage is needed to help boost traffic and more importantly sales.

In order to compete with the online market, reinforce your brand, empower your customers and battle above everyone else to reach the attention of your shoppers.

Christmas Signage

Signage is an essential use of marketing for retailers are year-round; but there is a special emphasis on Christmas, and it is not surprising why.  There are plenty of reasons why to go all out on signage over this time.  Grab the attention of your customers with more than tinsel this year as we explore the reasons why signage how Christmas is vital; it will boost your sales!

Customers are out in full force over months October to December preparing for the big day.  As online purchases are easier for many due to busy lives it makes sense to make traditional shopping a customer experience they won’t forget.  In fact; shopping outings in festive months are now a “thing”.  Use signage to attract and lure in customers.  Use signage to encourage an entertaining experience.

Stand Out on the High Street

Walk down a High Street over the festive period and the smell of food, entertainment and sights of Christmas can be a distraction from shopping.  Shoppers can therefore often miss relevant signage and others displays.  Place a digital display to get your key message seen through the bustle and hustle of the crowd.  A digital sign close to the entrance which incorporates the Christmas feel will soon bring custom in.  Signage including holiday themed video content mixed with product message is the perfect way to entice.  Once the customer is inside further signage can be used to promote discounts, promotions and other things of interest.

When should you start marketing?

There is plenty of research to suggest Christmas marketing can start as early as October and in some cases late September.  Starting signage later can potentially lose out those early risers of Christmas.

If you are worried about promoting Christmas too early consider what other retailers do.  For example, coffee shops will gently start promoting their pumpkin inspired drinks over the Summer period; not too heavily but gentle hints which gradually grow and grow as the season gets nearer.

This year use signage.  The capacity of what it can bring is so much deeper that product level.  The most successful retailers out there are branding their products around clever signage.  It is the perfect opportunity to encourage brand loyalty instead of relying on product content.  The secret ingredient to marketing is to get a following who will happily shout all day long about your amazing products and services.  And signage can help you with this.

Technical Signs can help you design and manufacture any Christmas or other holiday themed signage or shop fittings you may need, from Christmas Department Signs to a full Santa’s Grotto and everything in between. Contact us to discuss what you need.

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