There’s no doubt that for most high street businesses, the pandemic and subsequent lockdown have been a challenge. For those stores, restaurants, pubs, and cafes that have managed to weather the storm, now is the time to prepare for reopening and driving footfall after the lockdown is finally lifted.

Re-Opening After Lockdown

This is also the perfect time to step back and look at important issues such as your signage. Eye-catching visuals can certainly help drive footfall. Especially once the high street re-opens and many businesses will be eager to hear those tills ringing again.

The great news is that there are a lot of different options that can give your business a competitive advantage. Whether you operate in hospitality, retail or education, there is some amazing signage both indoors and outdoors.How To Increase Footfall Post Lockdown

Ramp Up the Curb Appeal

On a busy high street, grabbing the customer’s attention is paramount. It is important before you begin revamping your signs, to stand outside your business and see the world from your customer’s point of view.

  • Does your signage need an upgrade?
  • Are you more noticeable compared to your competitors?
  • Is there a way that you can leverage the available space to entice more customers through the door?

If your signage looks a little tired and uninspiring while you wait for the lockdown to be lifted, now’s the best time to replace it and create something likely to drive more footfall once you reopen.

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Great signage can quickly elevate your business and attract passing customers. It is a vital part of advertising and has been for centuries. There is a range of different options you can choose from. You might, for instance, want to replace the main sign above your door, add signage for special offers to the windows, stand out at night with an illuminated sign or invest in a hoarding, post, or railing sign near your business.

Curb appeal is essential as it is the first thing customers see when they pass your shop, and it is amazing how small signage revamp can make such a big difference.

Increase Fottfall Now You're Open for Business

Demonstrating Safety

Despite planning on opening in the next few months, that does not mean we can forget about Covid safety measures. Adding directional signage to your floors shows your customers that you are implementing the right measures to keep everyone safe. This should also highlight sanitising areas in strategic parts of your store.

Guide Your Customers to Buy

While external signage can attract new customers to your business, internal signage is just as important. This could, for example, be used to highlight special offers in-store or direct people to conveniences. It could also show off your daily specials if you run a restaurant. Or point people to your help desk or reception if you have an office.

Good signage is an effective marketing tool and can make a huge difference to footfall in many different ways. Investing now and updating your signage not only gives you a competitive advantage but also helps keep your business in the mind of customers and builds long-term brand awareness.

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