Hotels have had things tough for the last year like many other businesses but, with the restrictions around Covid about to be lifted in many areas, brighter times are just around the corner. Here’s how some new Hotel Signage can liven up your business.

  • Now might be the ideal time to take a look at your Hotel Signage and see if it meets your exact requirements and those of your customers.
  • Signage can make a huge difference, not only in highlighting your brand but engaging with guests who come through the door.

Here are our top design tips if you think things need to change before you reopen your hotel.

Your Sign Typeface

Fonts are a big thing when it comes to branding your business. There are many thousands of different ones, however, and finding the right fit for your bar, restaurant, retail outlet or office is a challenge. If you’ve branded your business, you probably have this sorted out already.

But it’s worth taking a second look.

gold hotel projection sign

Does the font fit your brand? Is it easy to read?

This latter point is extremely important. Wavy or artistic fonts can look nice on paper but if they are difficult to read that can be problematic for your business and getting noticed, particularly on the high street.

It’s worth trying out a few different fonts on your laptop or mobile phone to see how they look, coming up with a shortlist of potential winners.

Colour Your Sign

It’s not just your font but the background and any other design you have on your sign such as a simple logo. People respond in different ways to different colours. Blue is generally seen as calming. Red can cause the opposite emotion.

If you’re using more than one colour, how these combine is critical. Blue and yellow complement each other, for example, as do black and orange. It means your sign will look more vibrant and be very noticeable.  Again, this can be a case of trial and error, but it certainly helps you stand out from the crowd on the high street.

Standing Out

Where your sign will be displayed is almost as important as its design. This is the time to step outside and take a look at your competitors and what they are doing when it comes to signage.

How will your design compare? What can you add to make yourself more visible?

A sign that is too low down will be difficult to see. The size of the font is also going to make a difference if you want to be seen from a distance.

If you’re surrounded by big corporate players you may, for example, want to distinguish yourself as something different – aiming your signage at people who are looking to spend their money with small businesses or niche establishments.

hotel interior design

Lighting Your Sign

Finally, one thing that people often forget to think ab

out is how they are going to light their sign.

During the winter in the UK, it gets dark pretty early during the winters so some form of illumination is essential. You could opt for a sign that is backlit or even go for a funky neon design. You might want something more subtle such as under sign lighting. There are some cost-effective options like LED which are highly energy efficient and can really transform your signage at night.

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