If there is one place where great signage can make a huge difference, it’s the hospitality industry.

While many having struggled during lockdown, opening up again is a great opportunity to review your signage if you are a bar owner and make some changes that could help drive in more customers and lift those revenues for the future.

Here are some of our top tips for great bar signage ideas:


Go Retro or Rustic

Retro, natural wood signs, quirky rustic ones and anything that looks different are popular choices at the moment. They not only set your bar apart from the competition, but they can make a big difference to your branding, especially if you have more than one bar in different towns and cities.

Signs made from reclaimed wood, for example, look very attractive and show your commitment to sustainability, something which younger customers tend to focus on more than any other demographic. Retro is also popular right now, and something all demographics seem to love.


Bright Light Signs

If you are planning on revamping your bar signage for the grand reopening, bright lights can be another great option. From neon signs to lightboxes, there are also a lot of low-cost options out there.

One of the key factors in brightly lit signs is that they stand out at night and can draw people to your bar from much further afield. A lot depends on the type of bar you run, of course. If it’s something high class and upmarket, you may want more subtle lighting.

If you want a fun place for people to hang out with plenty of atmosphere, however, upping the wattage can make a big difference.


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Classy Iron Signs

There has been an increase in quirky signs made from different materials in recent times. Iron is durable and attractive looking, but it also helps differentiate your bar from the rest on the high street. Pubs in particular benefit from traditional hanging signs but that does not mean you can’t have a funky take on it.

Iron signs are also great during the summer because you can use them to add more attractive elements like colourful hanging baskets.


Outdoor Menu Signs

Many bars and pubs nowadays serve food, often to restaurant quality. If you want to attract passing diners, putting a menu sign out in the front of your establishment makes perfect sense. These can be backlit and placed either on the wall of the bar or nearer to the street. Simple but effective they can make a big difference to footfall.


Banners for Inside

It is not just outside where signage for your bar is important, of course. There is plenty of opportunity for defining your interior with different types of signage. Hanging banners are certainly highly engaging and can also hide a multitude of sins. Whether it is branding for your business or information about your new beers and lagers, there’s scope to create something memorable that will entice customers into your bar and keep them there.


Wall Signage

Finally, there is a special place for wall signage in bars and this can be as creative as you want it to be. Often bar owners will restrict what they put on the walls, but these areas are perfect for promotional and branding signage, including neon signs and lightboxes.


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