Modern Business Signage

Branding and business messaging are key for modern businesses and signage is the way that they can convey a lot of their brand values in a physical way. Whether you are opening your first business premises or your 21st, signage is extremely important. For any type of brand, signage is needed to communicate with your customers!

In every part of life, there are trends, and signage is no different. While some signs go out of fashion, some signs will always be needed! Shop Fascias come to mind. And there are also new ideas or styles that become popular such as traditional signwriting on modern businesses.

When you are considering signage for your business space here are fiver modern signs types that can be used for your business space.

Vehicle Wrapping

You don’t have to stop at your premises, you can get your message out on vehicles too. Your imagination really is the limit to how great your vehicles can look, see more here:


Modern sign types for business


Traditional Signwriting

This traditional type of signwriting is being seen more and more in businesses across the UK. This comes after seeing a resurgence in popularity. The brush-on-building approach is being used as more of an art form than a manufacturing process. To see some great examples of traditional signwriting used in modern businesses click here:


As long as businesses have been trading and trying to catch attention, A shaped pavement boards have been used. Today they can be bright and beautiful highlighting deals or offers to catch the eye of passers-by. In large business spaces they can also be used to denote different areas or uses for the space, and increasingly for modern businesses with key brand themes they have been used to highlight brand values as well as offers and deals. See some great examples of A-Boards here:

Shop Fascia

Make sure your retail store, restaurant or any other customer-facing commercial space is putting its best face forward. This is probably the single biggest investment you can make into marketing your business. Technical Signs will make sure your business is easily identifiable, easy to locate, and looks great in any setting. See some great examples of Shop Fascias here:

Projection Signs

Used in all sectors, Projection signs are the most popular signage for UK businesses. They are also great in large stores at the end of aisles or in larger spaces such as conference centres or travel hubs to provide clear, easy to see information. Available in every shape you can imagine and created to you design specification. You can see some great examples here:

The team at Technical Signs can create any type of signage or lighting that you can imagine! Let’s make your business messaging stand out in a crowded world.

If you want to see more examples of our work or a little inspiration, check out our Cafe & Coffee Shop Signage board on Pinterest and have a browse.

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