If you run a business, getting your signage right and helping customers as much as possible is critical. Whether you are a large hotel or a small high street bar, wayfinding signs have never been as important as it is now.

One area that companies often don’t pay enough attention to is wayfinding signage. While it can be cost-effective to implement it can provide invaluable information to visiting customers and build a strong brand attachment that is important in today’s modern, competitive marketplace.

What is Wayfinding Signage?

Want to provide a guide to where your customer should go? Put some wayfinding signage in place. It not only reduces the pressure on your staff to provide information, but it makes your customer feel that they are in a well organised and supportive environment.

Wayfinding signage is your customer-focused, directional guide. A simple example would be the signs you have directing your customers to the toilet. For retailers, it could be highlighting sales points or areas where certain products are being sold. Don’t wait for your customers to ask the way to something, put up a sign and show them where they need to be.

In Covid times, wayfinding signage is also often used by businesses to direct customers in certain ways to keep everyone safe. It shows you care, and it allows customers to see that you care. That’s great for your brand and for encouraging customers to come back again and shop with you or visit your bar or restaurant.




Types of Wayfinding Signage

  1. Information – If you have any information to impart there’s no better way than to put up a sign. This is what you need as a customer when you are entering a large department store and want to know where certain things are. Here’s the product you’re looking for. This is what floor it’s on.
  2. Identification – Some signs show you the way, others tell you that you are there. If people are looking for a particular department it’s useful to have a sign that they’ve reached their destination. This can range from signs above the restroom doors to the pay points or creating signage for your latest sales area.
  3. Directional – Of course, the biggest use of wayfinding signage is to help you to get from A to B. This might be a simple stand with an arrow saying, ‘Customer Service’. Walk into any department store and you’ll see a whole host of directional information which is designed to guide and nurture customers without them having to ask.
  4. Warning Signs – Not all signage is there to sell. Some wayfinding signs are there to not only warn but offer support. This could include signs that tell employees what to do in event of a fire and how to make their way to safety.




How to Maximise it For Your Business

It’s important to look at wayfinding signs from the point of view of the person it is trying to help. Simple directions work best. Look at the layout of your business or retail store and see it from the customer’s angle and you should soon be in a position to introduce signage that not only helps your customers but boosts the perception of your business as well.

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