One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is getting noticed. For bricks and mortar stores or other services on the high street, part of the challenge is how to make their brand stand out with signage and illuminate their brand.

Walk down any busy high street and look at the signs and you’ll see a lot going on. There will be plenty of different logos, images, and funky fonts above doors, around windows and on the pavement itself. Adding some light to these signs can make a big difference.

Here we look at different types of ‘lit’ signage and why it can make a big impact on passing custom, not just at night but any time of the day.

Neon Signs for Business

Neon signs have been making a big comeback in recent years. They are often associated with the hospitality bar industry and trendy nightclubs, but neon can work with practically any business.

The good news is that neon signs can be created bespoke for any outlet and can have a huge and immediate impact. They are easily recognisable and are great for attracting the eye of passing customers.

Businesses often think that neon signs are high maintenance – nothing could be further from the truth. They are generally low energy and won’t add a terrific amount to your operating bill and, if properly looked after, a neon sign should last ten years or more.



Different Ways to Illuminate your Brand


The Rise of the Lightbox

An even more popular choice over the last ten years or so is the lightbox. There is a lot of flexibility in design here and a lightbox can easily be created to reflect your brand. It’s an easy way to illuminate your signage!

The reason businesses love lightboxes is their versatility. In addition, most operate with LED lights which means they are ultra-energy efficient. LED lightboxes are used in a variety of businesses including retail, nightclubs and bars, and at exhibitions and tradeshows to name just a few.

Lightboxes are employed in a wider range of locations, both outdoors and indoors, and can have a huge impact on visibility and brand recognition.

Traditional Above Sign Lighting

Pass by any pub and you’ll probably see more traditional lighting. This is the standard sign with the light source shining down from above. It’s still an elegant and low-cost option for many businesses. And it’s not just great for hospitality outlets.

For stores and other businesses that operate 9-5, it can highlight their brand through the night with little or no cost, particularly indoors.


4 Ways To Illuminate Your Brand

The Cost of Lighted Signs

Lighting costs, of course. It’s a common argument for businesses. The good news is that lighted signage that reflects your brand is cheaper than it has ever been. Today’s low consumption LED lighting means that many businesses can illuminate their signs 24/7.

One of the key factors for high street businesses nowadays is getting noticed at all. Working on your lighting and how your signs look to the passing public, especially at night is important. The good news is there are a lot of attractive signage lighting options available, and they can make a huge difference to your visibility. The team at Technical Signs can design, manufacture and install the lighting and signage you need to stand out from the crowd.

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