Creating inviting spaces that customers, staff and clients want to visit is at the heart of commercial interior design. It is all the more important when it is a customer facing business and the interior of a retail space or a restaurant as it also has to be a marketing tool to bring people in and also a retention tool to make them want to come back.

The team at Technical Signs are experienced in delivering incredible signage, lighting and architectural metalwork to fit with any commercial interior, they can work with you to bring your designs to life so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on what they can create to make your space special.

Designing Your Commercial Space

Finding the inspiration to create the perfect commercial space whether you are designing a retail space, commercial office block or restaurant can be a challenge, but also an exciting one. You will have an idea of the type of people that will be using the commercial space and how you want them to feel when they are in there so the next step is to design the environment and all the elements that will make the space come together

As this is a very organic process you will probably find inspiration for designing the space comes from many different places – here is a quick overview of some great places to get inspiration for your next commercial space:

Current Commercial Spaces

One of the biggest ways to find inspiration if you are renovating, designing or taking over a commercial space is to visit as many as you can. You can great ideas about what works (and possibly more important what really doesn’t work) from walking through spaces to see how they have approached the design. Take notes, take photographs and remember to not only look at the specifics of the design but also ask yourself does the space work, can you find everything easily, is it interesting and also how does it make you feel when you are in there.

Inspirational Social Feeds

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the biggest social networks on the planet and as they are visuals based they have a never-ending stream of ideas. Simply look for commercial interiors on either of these platforms and a whole host of images will come to the fore for you to look through and be inspired by. Sometimes the volume of imagery can be overwhelming so instead perhaps follow some interiors influencers on these channels as they tend to share what is the new and innovative ideas first.

Current Fashion Trends

If you are looking for the next big thing in interiors, then check out the latest fashion trends on the biggest catwalk shows throughout the year. Fashion designers have their fingers on the pulse of what is going to be popular in the years ahead and all designers are influenced and interested in the trends, whether you want to ensure your brand is right in trend or breaking the mould you need to know.

Commercial Interior Designers

Commercial interior designers are a lifesaver for anyone needing to design a commercial space. They are experienced and understand how a commercial space is different from a residential space and how to make interiors interesting while still keeping on brand and on message when it comes to what the space is going to be used for.

The team at Technical Signs can make your most unusual ideas come to life as they can manufacture unique signage, lighting and architectural elements to your (or your interior designers) specification. Talk to the team today to see how they can help you bring your vision into reality.

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