Covid is impacting every part of business and personal life. This includes the way your business premises looks and operates. With Covid safety being at the heart of both new commercial design and adapting existing commercial spaces to be safe for both staff and customers, Covid Screens and signage have never been so important.

Business Premises in the Time of Covid

Until recently most business premises were designed to fit the maximum amount of people in at any one time. Most restaurants loved large groups and retail stores were organised to help move crowds through all their offerings. Today, with Covid in our midst new approaches have had to be learned and applied quickly and signage is one of the best tools any business has to inform and educate its customers. It does not mean however that signage has to be boring or not on-brand! As we are learning to live and do business with Covid measures in place your screens and signage can be made exciting… While giving the right advice to your customers.

Here are some types of screens and signage that can work well to convey your Covid information:

Covid Messaging on A-Boards

A-Boards are one of the most useful tools for any pavement side business. Instead of offering deals, specials, and discounts, these boards can now be used to inform customers about the Covid rules for your business premises. This can be a reminder to wear masks or to keep socially distanced. Alternatively, it can give customers information on how to book if you are a restaurant or new opening hours. It could even hold a space to put new information including QR codes.

Covid Screens for Offices

Preventing the transmission of the virus is key for offices and screens are being installed to help with this across UK office buildings. With so many offices being open plan, desks are often close to each other. These screens give a great way to provide the separation needed to make these workspaces Covid secure. Because these screens can be made from transparent materials it ensures collaborative working is still easily available. This also means that anything can be printed on these screens, from motivational quotes to logos and branding. This helps them feel like an integral part of the workspace.

Covid Screens for Retailers

Now known as Covid screens, but previously describes as ‘sneeze screes’. These transparent screens are great for putting up around tills and other retail areas to provide a barrier between staff and customers. These can be made in any size, to fit full length or be tabletop and can be custom cut to fit the different areas of the shop.


Covid screens for restaurants are vital


Covid Screens in Restaurants

Screens in restaurants have been extremely useful in providing the separation needed for social distancing measures. Screens at the end of rows of tables, between tables and even to provide personal sections at a bar. Business owners are being very creative in how to separate their customers so they can feel comfortable coming in.

Stickers, Posters & Stations

Along with screens, one of the most useful tools for a business owner in getting their messaging seen are small signs across the space to reinforce and educate about the rules. So, stickers on the floor for customers to know where to stand is a great idea. Posters on the wall or hand sanitiser stations set up at strategic points also help customers comply with the regulations.

Imaginative Signage

Covid is a somber and serious reality that businesses have to adapt to. However, that does not mean that the signs, screens, and other changes cannot be done on brand and in an imaginative way. Whether you want to print garden flowers or fun quotes on screens, have colourful stickers on the floor, or brand values on office screens the team at Technical Signs can make the signage and screens you need, look and fit exactly as you want them to.

See examples of our screens here:

Check out our Covid Screens & Safety Signage board on Pinterest if you’re looking for inspiration!

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