The look and feel of your commercial premises are critical in helping customers and clients to form a strong and positive opinion of your business.

It’s essential to not just look at the inside of your business premises but how it appears to passing customers from the outside. Getting your design right can be challenging but if you’re thinking that this year is time to give your business a revamp, here are some of the top trends for 2022.

Home Vibe is In

People tend to react positively to comfortable environments. The home vibe is becoming more popular for that reason. That means looking at your furniture and the way your business is set out and thinking about how people are likely to react to it.

Businesses like bars and restaurants pay special attention to this area of interior design because it’s highly important. But it’s also critical for office spaces, shops and high store businesses such as estate agents and even pet stores. It’s less about cramming space with goods or people but giving customers the room to move and browse while staying relaxed.

The Calming Effect of Minimalism

Cluttered spaces can make people nervous and put them off going into your store or office. Minimalism is back in fashion even for retail outlets and that includes making fixtures and fittings streamlined and not too fussy.

The less is more mantra, can also work for areas like offices and lets you create more space, for example, between desks. It not only puts customers at ease but gives your workforce a more pleasant and less cramped place to be productive.

Sustainable Spaces

As you might expect in a world where the climate crisis is top of the news agenda, for 2022 sustainability is in fashion. There are simple and inexpensive ways in which you can advertise your eco-friendly credentials.

For example, introducing plants to your workspaces can make a big difference in how people perceive you. Plants also help filter the air and because they produce oxygen can also boost productivity.

Take Your Branding Inside

Many businesses put great effort into building their branded identity but don’t bring it into the workspace. Most of it is concentrated on the outside or in reception.

Brand identity should be something you are proud of, and it should be noticeable throughout your premises. Make it big and bold and it will send a direct message not only to your customers but to your staff as well.

Stand Out with New Signage

Businesses don’t review their signage that often. It sits up on the wall above the office and most bosses don’t realise the power it can have. This year should be the time you step out of your business premises and look at your signage from the point of view of your customer.

Is it easy to see from different parts of the street? What does it say about your business? Is it welcoming? Is it informative? What does it look like at night? Is it well-lit and attractive?

Good signage isn’t just for outside, either. It’s critical for the inside of your business and can make a huge difference in defining the customer experience.

Reviewing your signage regularly gives you a chance to improve the look and visibility of your business and its one of the simplest design changes you can make.


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Shaping Your Signage: The Science of Shape Behind the Design


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