When deciding on how to colour coordinate their interior décor and your signage design, not many businesses will look seriously at Pantone Ultraviolet. The fact that it has recently been made Pantone’s colour of the year, however, may just be about to change all that.

What Is Pantone’s Colour of the Year?

Colour has always been important in creating just the right atmosphere in businesses and a lot of thought goes into not only logo and brand designs but local décor as well. Getting the right mix can have a substantial impact on how customers engage with your brand, whether you run a restaurant or bar or an office in the heart of busy town or city. The Pantone colour is selected each year by a specialist panel and usually has some degree of influence on marketing and design over the next 12 months and beyond!

According to Pantone, each colour has a specific psychology, emotion and even a sense of power that has an impact on the individual viewing it. Their choice is highly influential and you can expect to see it creeping into mainstream fashion, interior design, signage and packaging over the next year.

Your Guide to PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet

Purple has been an interesting colour in design and décor for hundreds of years. It often suggests a sense of opulence and is associated with a more regal outlook. It’s been used in popular culture a lot with the likes of David Bowie using it extensively in his early years. If you want a colour that also has a spiritual connotation, this is well worth a taking a second look at.

First of all, for those looking to add something extra to their interior design and their signage, this a good choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. On it’s own it can seem a little overpowering but combined with softer shades of the same colour or other hues it can have a real and emotional impact.

Expect to see ultraviolet used in everything from online websites to packaging this year particularly for those products where luxury is a key marketing factor. The biggest decision is certainly going to be what you mix the ultraviolet with. To help, Pantone has produced a number of different palettes that include soft pinks and blues as well as vibrant chilli pepper hues and deep greys.

Trendy Colours & Signage

When it comes to choices for signage, these colour combinations are going to be essential whether you’re looking to create something with a little attitude that really stands out from the competition or a more understated visual impact. Businesses looking to change the exterior of their premises will benefit from intriguing and eye-catching combinations. They should also be looking to extend their brand identity into the interior with carefully placed signage that reflects the colour choice.

You’re likely to see this colour up on the catwalk and in fashion stores over the coming months as many retailers hop onto the ultraviolet bandwagon. For any store, bar or restaurant, or office, this is a bold but intriguing colour option and something that’s well worth experimenting with if you’re looking to create new signage and an interior décor that really catches the eye.

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