The importance of interior design in the office environment has really come to the fore in recent years. It might have something to do with tech companies like Google and Microsoft where the standard office design was basically thrown out of the window and replace with a new vision.

Open plan, virtual play areas caught the attention of many business owners who were keen to follow suit. In truth, commercial design has always been important. How a store or hotel looks, for example, is a big part of the customer experience. Providing a work environment that promotes better productivity and wellbeing is a common aim in many design practices.

And, yes, it is having a big influence over other design areas including the home.

Commercial Properties with That Value-Added Extra

The trend in recent years has been to create commercial interiors which impact not only for customers but have a beneficial effect on staff. Everything is closely analysed by designers, from the branded signage to the look and feel of the furniture and where it’s positioned to the colours of the walls.

Businesses are more confident too in adding unusual sculptures, funky flooring or branded but unusual signage that makes a strong and powerful statement about their goals and expectations.

Design Trends in 2018

It seems each year, businesses are coming up with new designs. One of the biggest trends this year has been introducing natural elements to the decor. Part of this is down to our collective commitment to green and sustainable practices, part is simply because it creates healthy and enlivening environments.

Others are looking to create what are called ‘Resimercial’ designs, which simply means making your office a home away from home. That can include putting in spaces where staff and clients can relax and engage in a more leisurely manner or designing an open plan kitchen.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should do away with all of the traditional aspects that make up a commercial space. There’s the signage, for example. You still need plenty of it.

But it doesn’t have to be dull and lacking in style. You can opt to incorporate your brand into a wide range of different styles and designs nowadays. You can even create sculptures and partitions that add a whole new dimension to your office.

Mixing different materials and textiles is another trend that came largely out of the commercial sector and which is now informing interior design at home and in other environments. It means combining wood installations with plastic, metal or glass, for example. There’s also another trend where you bring together cheap chic with more luxurious design ideas as a counterpoint to each other.

Design and Commercial Signage

Businesses are also being courageous when it comes to traditional parts of commercial design. Signs are no longer flat and boring. You can get textured surfaces, signs that wrap around your building, and sculptured signs that stand out with a 3 D effect. They’re not just restricted by the standard company name, logo or directions to one part of the office or another.

Home Interiors & Commercial Design

Just like Haute-Couture fashion influences high street fashion, so great commercial interiors inspire all other interior design. Businesses that like to break the mould love to be seen to be doing so, so their commercial spaces will reflect this, colours, patterns, the use of lighting in new ways or revisiting materials such as neon lights or suede walls, always start in commercial spaces first before making their way down to mainstream interiors.

So if you have a commercial space you want to make special, if you want to inspire other to follow where you lead, then contact Technical Signs with your ideas as they can create bespoke signs, lighting and interior metalwork to make you stand out and get noticed!

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