Walk along any high street at the moment and you can’t help feeling that we’ve all been transported into an alternate reality. After the lockdown, this will hopefully change! But for now, shops are dark, bars are empty, restaurants have temporarily closed. The lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for many businesses.

While a lot of small and large businesses are struggling to get through this, planning for re-opening is absolutely essential. That includes making sure your business stands out on the high street once the crowds come flocking back.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to make yourself a beacon of hope and light once the lockdown ends. Illuminated signage is something that has changed a lot over the years. The latest LED signs and styles are highly energy-efficient. Plus they look fantastic to boot. Here we take a look at some design options that will help your business shine:

Vintage Illuminated Signage

While the focus of a lot of things in modern life is new and high-tech, vintage-style designs are also becoming increasingly popular.

Signs with bulbs studded into them elicit images of Las Vegas and theatres that still use them. They can also look pretty spectacular on the high-street, real point of interest that attracts more customers. Easy to maintain, these types of signs are great for creating that wow factor that gets people coming through the door.

Neon Still Looks Fantastic

Another signage lighting approach that is often considered old-fashioned is neon signage. There’s a lot more scope here for creating dynamic and interesting signage that stands out from the crowd. The truth is that neon is just as popular as it’s ever been, especially for bars – both indoors and outdoors.

Improvements in technology and greater efficiency means this is also a cost-effective option for businesses of all types.

Light Boxes Provide Plenty of Options

The world of lightboxes has grown in recent years, there’s plenty of opportunities to have bespoke designs created that reflect your brand. From 6 foot light boxes filled with multi-coloured gels – brilliant for bars! To hanging illuminated signs for stores that are a little more formal, the choice is endless.

Lightboxes can be found in a range of different designs from funky images to stand out lettering, all creating a brilliant focal point for your business.

Backlit Signage

If you are looking for something a little more subtle for your business, backlit signage has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It works particularly well if you have a building that is architecturally interesting as it can help illuminate this area in exciting and subtle ways.

bring your business back to life after lockdown

Start Planning Your Light Show Now

With time to spend working on what your business will look like once we get to open up again, paying some attention to your existing outdoor signage and its lighting is a good place to start.

Great signage not only builds brand awareness it can truly act as a beacon of hope in the darkness, and the Technical Signs team can create extraordinary signage and lighting to support your restart.

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