As we all know, appearances are important in the world of commerce. But can your choice of signage make a big difference to the number of sales in your shop or how many visitors you get coming into your restaurant?

According to most of the research, the answer is yes.

Sales & Signage

  1. The Importance of That First Impression

Whether you’re online or not, probably the first time the locals will become aware of your business is when they notice the sign above your door. This first impression is therefore important, not just outside your business but inside as well. Your signage can not only help you stand out on the high street, it also gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses nearby.

According to research by FedEx, as many as 8 out of 10 people have walked into a store for the first time after they’ve been impressed by the sign.

  1. Create a Window Display

Signage in the window is a great way to draw people into your business, particularly if you run a retail outlet. Special offers, new deals and new lines can all be displayed with carefully thought out signage. Posts in your window are just another way of selling to your customers as they pass by and can have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

  1. Get Your Sign on the Street

There are a range of portable street signs that you can put out on the pavement to attract customers in. These work particularly well for bars, cafes and restaurants and are often used for specials or new menu items. They can, however, work equally well for other types of business.

  1. Brand and Engage

Good signage gives you the chance to secure your brand identity in the real world. Making sure that everything matches and conforms to your brand both inside and outside your store helps engage people on a much more intimate level. Ideally what you want is for that signage to come to mind when they are thinking of buying something your store offers.

  1. Attract Attention for Promotions

From menu boards to seasonal promotions, there’s a lot you can do with well designed signage that just helps give your potential customers a little nudge in the right direction. While there are a whole host of other ways to market, producing strong signs still delivers one of the best returns on investment. It tells your customer what is going and invites them inside.

  1. The Power of Interior Signs

While many businesses focus a lot on how their store or bar or restaurant looks from the outside, they often forget about the interior. Great signage is vital for getting people to the right part of your store, whether you are carrying out a promotion or just want them to know where the fresh sandwiches are. Making sure these signs are branded in line with your exterior is important in creating the ambience and character which will engage customers.

While we may not like to admit it, most of us judge a book by its cover. When we’re passing a shop or restaurant, we are attracted by signage that stands out from the crowd and it almost certainly leaves us with an impression of what the business is like.

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