Light boxes are an eye catching and innovative way to bring some life to your signage and many retail stores and businesses such as bars and restaurants use them. Choose a good design for your brand and it can certainly add a lot of style, highlight advertising and promote offers in an engaging and productive way.

Here are just some of the ways to introduce light boxes so that they have the desired effect:

  1. Front of House Signs

One of the first places you often see a light box is the sign at the front of the business. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and can also be custom made to any measurements by the Technical Signs team. Light Box signs also don’t have to be over the front door, they can be used around the premises, for example, if your shop or bar is down in a basement, a quirky square or rectangular light box with your brand name on the wall at head height with an arrow pointing down can really catch the eye!

  1. Highlight Facilities

Inside, many businesses use light boxes to illuminate specific areas. For shops this could be applied to sections such as changing rooms or aisles and areas for certain products. You can use them for directions to the toilets, put them in receptions, in fact practically any place where you want to either help or guide customers. Light Boxes are a fun and funky way to illuminate the way!

  1. Get Customers on Social Media

Do you have a social media presence but have difficulty getting customers to join? A light box is a great chance to put up your Twitter and Facebook addresses so that people really notice them. That goes for your website as well. Sometimes all it takes is a funky design and some back lighting to make a difference and get people engaging with you online.

  1. Sales and Flashing Light Boxes

If you’re running a sale, you’ll want to direct people to the right location in your shop, restaurant or bar, so they can take advantage of those great offers. The good thing about light boxes is they can make the customer journey a whole lot more fun. If they’re passing your window, for example, light boxes are often the first thing people see, glowing from the darkness.

  1. Funky Goes Viral

The great news is that you can create all sorts of weird and wonderful designs with lightboxes any idea can be realised by the Technical Signs team and they can be a great attraction. Most of us carry smartphones around with us and are happy to snap selfies and images in front of fun features, posting it on social media for our friends to see. If you can make a sign that has this sort of effect, you can expect to get some free advertising for your store for a long time to come.

  1. Updating Messages

The other good thing about light boxes is that you don’t have to stick with the same old message all the time. That makes these devices ideal for everything from bars and nightclubs to shops and stores, anyone who wants to change the wording on their signs regularly. You can keep the light box and simply change the message with ease, great if you have seasonal messages or promotions going on.

Choosing the Right Light Box

There are a number of factors you need to consider such as where your light box is going to be placed in your business and how big it needs to be, as well as the actual design. Light boxes can be customised to your exact requirements so, if you want to find out more about how they can work for your business, contact us today.

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